The Need for Intercom Systems

Intercom systems are used for myriad purposes, both in houses and offices. Although, the primary function being that of providing additional security to your workplace or residence by enabling the person to see who has arrived at the front door, there are many other purposes that are served by installing an intercom system. There are two kinds of intercom systems: audio intercom systems and video intercom systems.

Although, intercom systems have gained a lot of popularity in recent times, you must know your needs and requirements before purchasing one. You must analyze whether you need to go for intercom systems and if yes, then of what type. Below cited are some reasons as to why people opt for intercoms:

  • Adding security to home or office is a major reason of installing video intercom systems. These enable you to see the visitor who has arrived at the door and also to talk to him before allowing him to enter.


  • If you have elderly people in your house then installing video intercom is a good idea as it will allow them to see who has arrived without reaching the door. The can even open the door with the aid of remote control that my video intercom has. Thus, these shall cause minimum mobility which is a great advantage for old people.


  • Many people also install intercoms in their house for purpose of listening to music. This will allow you to distribute music throughout your house and therefore, a great gadget for music lovers. Most intercom systems have in-built radio and one can also attach them to mp3 players.


  • Intercom systems are also used in schools, colleges, educational institutions, shopping malls and even offices to relay information to fellow students or colleagues. This is a handy way to convey emergency messages and notifications.


Thus, if you feel that you need to install an intercom system then you needs to choose one of a good brand. It is better to opt for Aiphone intercom system as it is the most popular in the market.