Promotions for a Song: Digital Music as Incentive

Promotion marketers are hearing the tune of digital music downloads. As a giveaway that hits a low price point ($1 to $20) and appeals to a younger consumer base, music downloads are being used as promotions by businesses selling everything from shoes to electronics to packaged deli meats.

This past spring, Minneapolis rewards company Carlson Marketing announced a partnership with, a music Web site powered by Puretracks, the Toronto–based company that is now the leading music download service provider in North America. Users redeem their points for music tracks on Puretracks’ Web site.

Deli meat producer Carl Buddig and Company kicked off a nationwide promotion incorporating music downloads on April 23. Consumers who purchase one of approximately 15 million Buddig or Old Wisconsin branded packages can log onto a branded landing page and use a package code to redeem one free song from Puretracks’ collection of more than 2 million.

Promotional Currency (, a digital entertainment promotions company, is the exclusive provider of Puretracks in the United States, and developed the digital music promotion for Buddig. Cynthia Walker, director of operations for Promotional Currency, in Frisco, Texas, says that digital is way of the future. “Promotional ideas have got to continue to advance along with the generations,” she says. “Giving away a pen or hat is just not going to do it anymore.”

Promotional Currency manages each step of the promotional digital program, from concept to execution. Walker says the appeal of such programs is universal, not just for the young. “Music is such a big draw, any demographic can pick something that appeals to them.”