Information On Different Drum Kits For Sale

There are many different options of drum kits for sale, ranging from electronic drum kits for sale to the standard Pearl drum kits for sale. Prices vary according to what is included in the drum kit as well as depending on the quality of the drums that are being sold. There is a wide range when it comes to both the drum’s sound quality and their craftsmanship and design.

Cheap and Used Drum Kits

There are several options for cheap drum kits for sale. There are plenty of non-name brand cheap drum kits for sale both online and at various retail outlets. You can actually find very cheap complete 5-piece sets online for as little as $200 while others cost around $350. While this may seem like a very good deal, especially when compared to prices for name brand sets, there are some drawbacks.

You are not assured of quality when you buy a cheaper set, however if you buy one made by Yamaha or Pearl you can be fairly certain that the quality will be up to par. Also, resale value for no-name brand sets is very low whereas you can often sell used name brand sets for a good price.

The problem with buying used drum kits for sale is that they are often very well used by the time they are re-sold. They will have invariably received a lot of wear and tear and may either be in need of repair, or soon will need repairs made. If you do buy a used set, have someone knowledgeable look over the kit first. Also, be prepared to spend an additional $150 to $200 above the purchase price, for repairs.

Brand Comparison

There are several top of the line drum brands including Pearl, Ludwig, Yamaha, Mapex, and Remo, as well as several other brands. When it comes to electronic drum kits for sale, the leaders are Roland and Yamaha.

Pearl drum kits for sale are perhaps the most popular of all kits. They have a full line of drums, including marching drums and the Pearl snare, and they also have a full range of accessories such as a cymbal stand as well. While their professional electronic drum kits cost around $3,000, their classic 5-piece bass sets cost around $1,300 or less. For entry level drummers, you can find a kit for around $500.

Moving onto Yamaha drum kits for sale, they also have a full range of drums available. Their entry level 5-piece sets start off at around $550, with their more expensive sets costing up to $1,300 also.

Their top of the line electronic Yamaha DTxpress costs close to $5,500 although they also have cheaper sets available, such as the Yamaha DTxplorer, with some costing only around $500.

Also well known, Ludwig drum kits for sale start off at around just under $300 for their starter kit, with prices increasing up to $3,400 for their Jason Bonham Vistalite Shell Pack.

Where To Buy A Drum Kit

If you are looking for drum kits for sale, you may want to check out what is available online. While you may not necessarily want to buy your kit from online–shipping can be a little expensive, you will be able to see what is available as well as read different online reviews so you can get some idea of what is suitable for your needs. Unless you are buying a used kit, you may want to head over to your local musical instrument store and see what they have in stock. This way you will also be able to try to drum set out and buy any accessories from the same store. Most stores stock the more common brands, and if you want something they do not have in stock they are usually more than happy to order it for you. Used drum kits are best bought in person, rather than from an online seller, as that gives you the opportunity to look over the set before purchasing it.