How to Make Hip Hop Beats the Easy Way

If hip hop is your flavor and you love to listen to those hip hop beats then there will come a time when you say to yourself “Hey, I wonder how hard it is to make my own hip hop beats” Maybe you have already thought about making your own beats?

Honestly I think a lot of people who love hip hop think about it a lot but when it comes to giving a go they shy away from the idea because they think you need to be musically gifted or need to spend thousands of dollars on music equipment. Maybe ten years ago you might of needed a lot of the hardware and instruments they used BACK THEN, but today it is so easy and affordable because you can have a DAW on your own computer.

Music software is the way to go and just about every producer uses it. Some are very high tech with more features that the average person will ever need that cost hundreds of dollars but there are software packages out there that are easy to use and very affordable even for the complete beginner.

Software like Dubturbo has everything a beginner would ever need.

You can make just about any kind of music with Dubturbo because of the amount of sound kits that are pre installed, plus the ability to import your own sound kits is a very impressive feature which keeps your music fresh and unique.

Dubturbo is what I and most of the crew use because it really is that easy to bang out beats on the fly. I can be just about anywhere in the world and I can make a beat which is super cool. All I do is login to the members area and use the online app, make my beats and save my project onto usb or export my finished project to .wav

Another hip hop beat maker I have heard very good things about is Cyber Sequencer. Now this is fairly new software but already some of the top producers in my area are using it and loving it. It is pretty much the same as Dubturbo but looks different. So this is why I stick to DT.

You don’t have to use these applications to make pro beats either, they are also a lot of fun and also teach you the basics of making beats and hey it is great for kids too. My 11 year old boy thinks he is the next Jay Z and hey he makes some pretty cool beats.

I can only imagine the kind of music he will be making in 10 years time.

Check it out for yourself and give it a try, I know you will love it and hey if you don’t like it give it to someone else or get your money back simple.