Enjoy your Bodhran Drum

Hey, one the best way to enjoy your Bodhran drum is to join in with a group of like minded people. Without a shadow of a doubt the most intense way to get as much bodhran practice right up to saturation point, is to go to a workshop in one of the many Irish festivals […]

The Need for Intercom Systems

Intercom systems are used for myriad purposes, both in houses and offices. Although, the primary function being that of providing additional security to your workplace or residence by enabling the person to see who has arrived at the front door, there are many other purposes that are served by installing an intercom system. There are […]

Information On Different Drum Kits For Sale

There are many different options of drum kits for sale, ranging from electronic drum kits for sale to the standard Pearl drum kits for sale. Prices vary according to what is included in the drum kit as well as depending on the quality of the drums that are being sold. There is a wide range […]

Sitar – The Soul of Indian Ragas

The Sitar is one of the most important Indian instruments, it has however gained notoriety in the western world first through the Beatles and then with the master Ravi Shankar who has played with many famous western musicians, and his daughter Anoushka Shankar (shown in photo) seems to be following in her father footsteps. The […]

Freestyle Rap Skills

Every rapper must be capable of performing a freestyle rap in order to demonstrate his ability. You will never be well regarded as a great MC by your colleagues, if you are not capable of free styling. In going through the exercises below a number of times, you are able to better your freestyle skills. […]

How to Make Hip Hop Beats the Easy Way

If hip hop is your flavor and you love to listen to those hip hop beats then there will come a time when you say to yourself “Hey, I wonder how hard it is to make my own hip hop beats” Maybe you have already thought about making your own beats? Honestly I think a […]

Ibanez Bass Guitar

Ibanez bass guitar, it’s a hot little bass with a nice balance and feel for a very friendly price. Features an agathis body, super comfy one-piece maple neck, rosewood fretboard, pearl dot inlay, split-coil and single-coil pickup array, active EQ with Phat Bass Boost, chrome hardware, a fully adjustable bridge, and medium frets. Also available with […]

Learning To Play The Piano

If you want to learn an instrument, one of the best instruments to start out with is the piano. Learning to play the piano is a worthy endeavor that is fun and challenging at the same time. Of course if you are just starting out taking piano lessons, you may be wondering what you can […]

MP3 DJing

Whether or not you need a hardware controller to help with your MP3 DJing depends upon how often you use MP3s, whether you’re a ‘guest’ DJ or a resident, or indeed a mobile DJ setting up your own gear wherever you go. It also depends upon your DJing style – do you wish to manipulate […]

Promotions for a Song: Digital Music as Incentive

Promotion marketers are hearing the tune of digital music downloads. As a giveaway that hits a low price point ($1 to $20) and appeals to a younger consumer base, music downloads are being used as promotions by businesses selling everything from shoes to electronics to packaged deli meats. This past spring, Minneapolis rewards company Carlson […]